Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woolworth's - The South African Whole Foods

The mall closest to me has two grocery stores in it - Pick N Pay (the Jewel / Shaw's / etc) and Woolworth's, which is basically the Whole Foods of South Africa. Interestingly enough, you have to walk through a mall and through part of a department store to get there...

But if you keep going...

You get to the actual supermarket. It all closes at 7 PM, so work makes weeknight grocery shopping difficult.

Yes, everyone around the world is all over organic. The local food craze hasn't quite hit here yet, I think I give it a year or so.

The produce is decent, but the wild game meat selection is disappointing. I have bought ostrich, but that's about as exotic as my Woolworth's gets.

The dried fruit and nut section - this is what keeps me going in my office during the day. Current favorite dried fruit - pineapple.

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