Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home Pt II: My Place

I live on the 1st floor of The Splice, which of course is really the 2nd floor (the one above the ground floor). I live in a 3 bedroom apartment (which is really 2 bedrooms and an office) with Raphael, a second-year Monitor consultant from the Sao Paolo office. Apparently it's one of the bigger units in the building, mainly because of the massive living room and balcony. Since the Splice is a hotel, we get daily maid service (including dishes!), so I can't take credit for the cleanliness of it. There is also a laundry / dry cleaning service, but that costs extra... which I can expense. We get satellite TV with a mix of British and African stations. The best thing I've found on it is probably the BBC Lifestyle channel - British cooking shows are much more complex in what they make - more Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal than Rachael Ray and Paula Deen (not that I have anything against the latter two - but I don't really feel compelled to take notes while watching Paula prepare deep fried chocolate covered deep fried pound cake). There's also soccer on at least 4 channels at any given time. The place came fully furnished, including decorations on the walls and all. Life is pretty good here!

The living room (the balcony is on the other side of those sliding glass doors)

The kitchen

My bedroom

More of my bedroom

My bathroom

More of my bathroom

The office

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