Saturday, January 31, 2009

Summer Concert Festival... in January

Went to my first concert in South Africa today - The Campus Invasion Tour at Emmarentia Dam. It was a full-on summer concert - frisbees, vendors, beach blankets, picnics, contraband glass bottles, (relatively) overpriced drinks, bikinis / shirtless dudes, flip flops, etc. The main act was Goldfish, and the other act that had been pointed out to me beforehand was HHP - both were a lot of fun.

I hate coming back to the prices, but it's hard to ignore. I say 'relatively' because it was insanely cheap compared to anythign you'd find in the US / UK / Europe / etc. Imagine - how many freshly-muddled mojitos would you buy if they cost $3 each? The answer, as in the last post about beer, is as many as you can carry. I had a little help carrying them back to our picnic blanketed area, so I bought 9 (not just for me, I swear...). Oh and the cost to get into the concert itself... $7. Okay seriously nothing more about the exchange rate for a little while on this blog. For a little while at least...

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