Friday, January 30, 2009

How To Find A Club - Follow the Crazy Hair

After going to dinner with a bunch of people I work with, we decided to try and find a bar / club to go out to for a few drinks. There was a table of 12 or so people at another table at the restaurant, and a few with fairly bizarre hair - one girl with rainbow colored hair, one guy with liberty spikes, and a few others in what I thought were costumes but really couldn't be safe in that assumption. Obviously they were headed somewhere awesome.

We walked around for a little while near the restaurant, and then saw that group headed down a side street into an unmarked club - clearly we had to follow them. It ended up being pretty great - not too crowded, solid DJ, dancing, etc. Lots of American music up front, and some things I definitely didn't expect to hear here - Justice, Postal Service, Kool & The Gang, and a few other things that could pop up on random on my iPod any time.

As is the case everywhere else in Jo'burg, drinks were insanely cheap. A mixed drink will set you back around $3, and beers are at most $1.50. So, the question isn't really "How many beers should I buy?" but rather, "How many beers can I carry?" The answer: several.

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