Thursday, January 29, 2009

(Un)Safety Stats

A lot of people warned me about the dangers of South Africa - lock your doors, don't ask strangers for directions, etc. But, being the 21st century man that I am (distrusting of people, trusting of the internet), I wasn't really scared until I checked out the stats online.

#1 in Assaults per Capita
#2 in Murders per Capita
#1 in Firearm Murders per Capita
#1 in Rapes per Capita
#2 in Kidnappings

Where I live and work are pretty safe though - I've heard it's where a lot of political leaders live, so they make sure for their own sake that it's reasonably safe. I'm still not really taking any chances.

Also, here is a sign posted on the door at my client's office...

How many of you have that guarantee at your office, hmmm??

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