Friday, January 23, 2009

Racism is okay!

Political correctness is a little different down in South Africa. This is the only country on earth where you're allowed to say things like 'colored' and 'darkie'. I guess it's not entirely surprising, considering that 1994 was not that long ago. Anybody here old enough to drive was born under Apartheid. Consider the pace of race relations in the US - the civil war ended in 1865, but Jim Crow didn't end until a hundred years later, Chinese weren't legally allowed to become citizens until 1943, the president and the supreme court upheld Japanese American internment in 1944 - there wasn't even a black man in the NBA until 1950. So, let's give South Africa a few generation before we start judging them. After all - and hey, they had a black president 15 years before we did.

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