Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home Pt III: The Office

The Monitor office is located in a fairly well-to-do suburb called Houghton, conveniently ~5 minutes away from my apartment. It's very open and airy with a lot of natural light, which is always a plus. Also, unlike the Chicago office, we have individual offices and unlike the Cambridge office, we get to have permanent ones.

Here's the view of the atrium in the middle of the office from the second floor - this is where we all eat lunch every day

Here's the second floor tables and chairs and balcony and coffee machine

View of those same tables from across the way

View of the front of the building from inside

The 'waterfall', which is basically a 2-story version of the ones you put on your desk / coffee table that gives you that running-water sound all day (for better or for worse)

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