Friday, February 27, 2009

More Expats

Since I've come down here, three more consultants have transferred down here from the US. It's nice to have a few familiar faces around - I knew them from the Cambridge and New York offices from work I've done there. It's also a few more people I can make American pop culture references with, and speaking fast-paced East Coast American English, which is not the same English they speak down in South Africa.

It's great to not be the new guy around here anymore - I'm actually a credible, useful source of information now! Seeing people who have just transferred down here also makes me more cognizant of how much I've learned since coming down myself - about Jo'burg and the office, but also about living in a new area / country / continent. Turns out I've adjusted pretty well - I don't even end up on the wrong side of the road anymore!

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