Friday, February 13, 2009


Still depressed that I'm missing my semi-annual Vegas trip, I tried to drown some of that with exchange-rate-adjusted gambling losses at Montecasino - "Gauteng's premier entertainment destination."

I knew it wouldn't be Vegas, but it actually ended up being a lot like Foxwoods - the feeling of walking around a small town of shops, kiosks, and restaurants with facades and faux blue skies with faux clouds that make it feel like 3 PM 24 hours a day. The restaurants, 1 per ethnicity, added to the sense that I was walking around the international part of Epcot Center except with gambling here and there. As far as the gambling goes, it's hard to beat $5 min blackjack tables. It made my losing money take a lot longer than it would have at pricier gaming establishments.

We also tried to go to a karaoke bar while we were at Montecasino. However, we weren't able to go inside because the music was at a physically painful volume level. I could feel the individual tiny bones in my ear shaking as we walked past. Let alone the awful, awful karaoke-ing going on that produced the sounds themselves.

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